We Provide a broad cross section of finishes

Swandecor specialises in high quality Interior Decoration.

Limewash Paint & Nordic Coloured Plaster

Lime paint is a durable and super breathable ready to use inherently resistant to fungal algal and bacteria growth. All lime wash is super Matt slightly chalky and uneven in appearance giving a soft subtle clouding effect as this is a natural pigment colour and tint strength on occasion vary and this is its natural charm and character.
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Digital Wall Murals

Our One Piece Murals come in One Piece made to your exact wall measurements. This means that there are no joins or miss matching issues. Once fitted you get a seamless joint free mural fitted to your wall. We are only one of a hand full of companies offering One Piece Digital Wall Murals in the United Kingdom today.
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Polished Plaster

Swandecor specialises in environmentally friendly, exclusive. Venetian Polished Plaster finishes. Also known as Italian Plaster, Marble Plaster or Stucco. Polished plaster is a very fine lime putty mixed with marble dust, pigments and other non-solvent ingredients.
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We offer choice of seamless floor and wall surface solutions for indoor and outdoor use. Our decoarative concrete surfaces are perfect for commercial and domestic environments. Be inspired and see just what’s possible with modern concrete design and technology.
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Metallic Wall Finishes

Metallic wall finishes transform an ordinary room into a stunning design statement. From rich golds, silvers, bronzes and coppers to calming stone features and Venetian plasters, they lift an ordinary room into the sublime. The luxurious, striking look will ensure gasps of admiration from friends and family.
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Textured Iridescent Wall Paint

High-end iridescent feature wall paints that come in an amazing range of colours and can be used to create a stunning interior. Ideal as a feature wall to complement any room in the home and help to create a striking and luxurious pearlescent effect.
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